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April, 2018

Russian Professor Nikolay Koposov's New Book Receives High Praise

Nikolay Koposov

Visiting Professor of Russian Nikolay Koposov’s recent book, Memory Laws, Memory Wars: The Politics of the Past in Europe and Russia received an enthusiastic review in the Los Angeles Review of Books this month. Published by Cambridge University Press in October of 2017, the book examines the increase in memory laws passed in the later decades of the twentieth century, the first of which were enacted to legislate against denials of the Holocaust. Koposov studies the proliferation of such laws and their subsequent manipulation by powerful states to suppress speech. Reviewer Douglas Smith writes, “Koposov shows in great detail how as memory laws spread from West to East they became ever less democratic and ever more despotic, weapons not of the weak, but of the strong, used to silence competing narratives about the past and to foster a mythical national history.”

Student Research Shines at REALC Symposium

Christina Morgan

The Department of REALC was thrilled to host its fourth annual Undergraduate Student Research Symposium in the spring of 2018. Students from all disciplines were invited to submit proposals in the areas of the languages, cultures, societies, or politics of Russia, Eastern Europe, and East Asia. Some students presented work associated with honors theses, while others chose papers written as class assignments. Not only is the symposium an excellent opportunity for undergraduate students to hone their research and presentation skills, it also provides a platform to showcase the innovative and provocative work being done throughout Emory College in REALC’s global areas.

The presenters were as follows:

Christina Morgan (above), “How Love Challenges the Soviet Regime”

Mallory Carnes, “Creating New Spaces: Constructing and Performing Gender in Mandarin-Language Popular Music of the People’s Republic of China, Post-1997”

Kim de Guzman, “Creating Prostitutes as Abnormal Bodies during the Soviet Era”

Daniel Gursoy, “Total War: A Historiographical Comparison of Red Army and Wehrmacht Permission Structures”

Bradyn Schiffman (below), “Examining NATO’s Impact on Russian-speaking Identity through Media Coverage of Latvia”

Min Jae Choi, “The Motivations for North Korea’s Provocations”

Oscar Escobar and Alex Labaziewicz, “Parental Influence on Japanese Language Learners’ Motivation and Language Acquisition”

Yu Yang and Doris Zhou, “Understanding the Cultural and Familial Motivations of Chinese Heritage Learners”

Bradyn Schiffman

February, 2018

The Department of REALC hosts its fifth annual Silk Road Cafe

Russian table at LYM

As part of Emory's annual Love Your Majors Week, the Department of REALC invited students from each of its global areas of study to celebrate the food, art, and culture of Russia and East Asia. Above, students join Dr. Vera Proskurina in sampling a variety of Russian chocolates and traditional poppyseed cakes. Below, Russian langauge students perform poetry readings for their professors and peers. 

Russian poetry reading